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We are extremely excited to share that we are starting to work on our next TEDxJerusalem event that will take place in November 2016. This year we are revamping the TEDxJerusalem experience and will bring you the best of the best of Jerusalem, Israel and the region.

Speaker Nomination 2016

If you think you have an outstanding idea to share with the world or know someone that you think we should consider – please fill the Speaker Nomination Form

 Be part of the TEDxJerusalem Team!

If you would like to take part of the planning of TEDxJerusalem 2016 as a team member (voluntary roles) please send your CV to: beto@tedxjerusalem.com


Want to be a partner for the TEDxJerusalem 2016 event?? Contact us!

It takes a village…. Be part of our partners for the TEDxJerusalem 2016 event:


TEDxJerusalem 2016
Binianei Hauma, Jerusalem

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